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In-Depth Facility Audit

The first step to implementation of any successful project is exact determination of the type, number, location and overall consumption of the existing system. With that information in hand, United Resource can specify the replacement or retrofit option that will generate the lowest life cycle cost, and the optimum light level and comfort for each situation.

Through our years of experience, we have implemented every potential lighting conservation measure in all types of environments; we track and evaluate developments in new technology as they become available. 

The United Resource Investment Grade Audit will provide:

  • Exact inventory of the existing equipment in place

  • State of the Art options which will optimize savings and comfort

  • Current light levels and projected light levels with point-by-point light levels shown for new layouts of existing or new systems

  • Electronic surveillance to determine occupancy frequency and the actual savings potential from motion-sensor control of lighting in low traffic areas

  • Annual savings estimates via generation of actual utility bills per rate tiers active before and after the proposed installation

  • Annual savings associated with any maintenance cost reductions

  • Statistical evaluation of the quantity of PCB and non PCB disposal required

  • Potential project cost trimmers such as tandem wiring and alternates to dual switching

  • An exact project cost including material, labor, rental equipment, ballast and lamp disposal, and cleanup

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