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Custom Fabrication

Remodeling or building a new facility presents a unique opportunity to implement energy conservation with minimal incremental cost. Since the remodel or capital budget already includes a cost for new lighting equipment, the incremental cost associated with putting in the latest technology or custom designed equipment, which will provide maximum savings with the optimum look, color, accent and light levels, can be recovered in record time by the reduced consumption and maintenance costs associated with the right system.

United Resource will customize the right equipment for a new layout, designing alterations and enhancements to existing equipment and designing and building new fixtures that will meet a desired custom look.

Factors to consider during the design of a custom application:

  • Including or excluding the light fixtures from the spatial perception

  • Visual comfort requirements associated with the space's function

  • The impact color rendition will play in meeting the space's objectives

  • The maintained illumination levels necessary for the space relative to the task to be performed

  • Maintenance equipment available and capabilities of in-house staff

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