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38 Years of Energy Conservation

United Resource has been delivering energy conservation solutions to valued clients since 1980. We have completed projects for over 250 customers across more than 7,000 buildings, including the two largest State Office Buildings in Ohio, Federal Buildings in Chicago, 19 Army Bases located between Atlanta and San Francisco, 19 School Districts, 9 Retail Chains and numerous other commercial and industrial sites.

In addition a strong lighting concentration, URG has well rounded experience implementing HVAC conservation, including boiler heat recovery, insulation, energy management, water recovery and industrial automation.

The information on this site is provided to help you:

  • Understand new technology available in lighting

  • Estimate the lighting savings potential at your facilities

  • Submit your facility's particular information for an estimate of your savings by URG

  • Understand the lighting implementation process

  • Locate and capitalize on any rebates that may be available to you

  • Compare your facilities' consumption with that of similar facilities

  • Determine the environmental benefits associated with your conservation efforts

The best approach to determining your actual savings potential and develop project cost estimates is to contact us to initiate an investment-grade audit.

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